Brenda J. Dunne | MS, International Consciousness Research Laboratories

Robert G. Jahn | PhD in Physics (1930-2017)

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Based on: Jahn, R.G. and B.J. Dunne (1997). Science of the Subjective. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 11 (2) pp. 201-224


Since the 18th century, subjectivity has been progressively excluded from the practice of science, leaving an essentially secular analytical paradigm. Quite recently, however, a compounding constellation of newly inexplicable physical evidence, coupled with a growing scholarly interest in the nature and capability of human consciousness, are beginning to suggest that this sterilization of science may have been excessive, and could ultimately limit its epistemological reach and cultural relevance.


Presented at the 2019 BIHS “Consciousness in Science” Conference, Gainesville, Florida (January 18-20, 2019)