Doug Watson | PhD in Physics

Publication Info:

Pūrva-pakṣa: Fine Tuning Opposing Views, editors: K. R. Valpey, D. F. Watson, S. E. Kreitzer, R. S. Cohen, P. Sutton (Gainesville, IVS Press, 2023), 1–8 


The Big Bang inflationary model was introduced to solve some of the long-standing problems associated with the original Big Bang theory of the early 1900s; however, the popular inflationary model is fraught with its own set of empirical (and philosophical) problems. Recent theoretical work has aimed to demonstrate how the inflationary paradigm may be resolved with particular kinds of models that may be compatible with Vedic perspectives of a cyclic universe and their teleological implications.


Based on a presentation given at the BIHS Cosmology Workshop 3: The Nature of Spacetime and the Evolving Universe: Exploring Puranic Cosmology, February 19–20, 2022 in Gainesville, Florida.