Venugopal R. Damerla | MD, ABoIM

Babette Goldstein | MEd

David Wolf | MSW, PhD

Krishna Madhavan | PhD

Nancy Patterson | BA

Publication Info:

Integrative Medicine, Volume 17, No. 5. (October 2018), pp. 20-28


Since antiquity, Sanskrit texts in Ayurveda have depicted the Mantram meditation as a health code to adopt a lifestyle of conscious health creation. Audible chanting, or use of Mantrams, has always been an integral part of Ayurveda and has been recognized as a valid method by which to enhance one’s health. This study suggests statistically significant efficacy data and that a larger randomized study is feasible to test the potential of the audible repetition of the Hare Krishna Mantram in clinical settings. It may therefore enable a beneficial lifestyle for health creation and thus play a role in the prevention of chronic diseases. Further, large scale studies are required for a better perspective on the effect of Mantram repetition on the HRV.


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