Welcome to our second newsletter from the Bhaktivedanta Institute for Higher Studies. For us this year has been challenging yet productive. The recent lockdowns proved a blessing in that our scholars have been able to work together more closely using Zoom. We have replaced jet lag with Zoom lag – with intercontinental meetings through multiple time zones!

We are still remodeling our recently acquired BIHS headquarters, the former home of the president of the University of Florida. Through the generosity of Dr. Howard J. Resnick (Hridayananda das Goswami), we have a permanent headquarters with a Vaishnava archivist and a significant library donated by retired professors. This place will serve as Dr. Resnick’s residence and as a retreat center where scholars can gather and collaborate. We also have access to the local city library and the full library of the University of Florida. Our scholars have been exploring issues in consciousness, cosmology, ethics, evolutionary theory, artificial intelligence, sustainability, and more. From this work, we intend to produce books and multimedia presentations.

We have formed a partnership with the Institute for Vaishnava Studies, publisher of the Journal of Vaishnava Studies. Sharing the media facilities and library at the BIHS house, the IVS will focus on the humanities, the BIHS on science. If you are interested in assisting the BIHS through scholarship, financial support, editorial assistance, social media, or other ways, please write to me directly at bobcohen@ivs.edu. We look forward to your comments and participation.